SMG Studio Center

•      SMG Studio Center ,locating in third floor of Shanghai television station building , is the news studio center of SMG News and Dragon TV , which is responsible for live reporting from Shanghai two big news channels ,guests interview, signal scheduling and editing. The two channels broadcast news more than 10 hours every day, is the most important authority mainstream media in Shanghai and east China area.
•      SMG studio center, a total area of about 500 square meters, invested 40 million RMB to built. Using four sets of robot camera system with 2 x 5 ,2 x 3 two groups of PDP screen and a large DLP screen, the system can display pictures individually  or on the whole screen. From the lighting source to the digital light processing (DLP) big screen adopt green environmental protection LED lighting equipments.
•      Live broadcasting can be realized with full high definition display. With the virtual studio system, the system can realize the dynamic Keyer effect and support virtual prospects live. Equipped with the advanced digital equipment, signal light transmission system, signal scheduling system, signal monitor system, the system can operate the whole programme production, management, the broadcast without video tapes. The whole studio is divided into five parts including the host district, interpretation area , standing show area, interactive area and the interview area, enable the anchors move freely to enhance the openness and appeal of the programs.