Wireless Digital Television System Integration

After SARFT established China Satellite Mobile Broadcasting Corporation in 2008, as the main business of multi-media broadcasting, the mobile TV(CMMB)has became popular all over the country. As a metropolis for economy developing, Shanghai started to collect the coverage project of (mobile) television network in the whole city from 2009.


Our company, as an enterprise directly subordinated to Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture Radio Film & TV, becomes a leading team at the present of development of mobile TV rising industry. We are responsible for the coverage project of mobile TV signal network in Shanghai, including each electrical appliance shop, such as Gome, Yolo and Coolpad. With the rapid development of mobile TV business, our company conducted the coverage of mobile TV signal, aiming at all the hospitals in Shanghai, government office, university campus in 2010. Under the process of business continuously expand, we have formed our professional design team and engineering team in the development of mobile TV industry, and play a very important role in the development of mobile TV integrated planning in Shanghai.