NGB next generation radio and television network business

Next Generation Broadcasting Network of China(NGB)is a next generation broadcasting network constructed on the basis of achievements of cable television digitalization and mobile multimedia broadcasting and with support of its innovative core technology of “high performance broadband information network” as well as applicable for our national conditions, integrated “triple-play”, combining wired with wireless mode and with network on the whole journey.


The core transmitting bandwidth of Next Generation Broadcasting Network of China(NGB)will exceed 1,000 gigabits per second, which can ensure the access bandwidth of each household exceed 40 megabits per second and provide “one stop” service of “triple-play” of high-definition television, digital video and audio programs and high-speed data access and voice, and so on. Thus the television has become a most fundamental and convenient intelligence terminal, and consumption of broadband interactive digital information spreads throughout thousands upon thousands of families as basic consumptions of water, electricity, warm and gas, etc. At the same time, NGB possesses credible service assurance and controllable and manageable network operation attribute, and its comprehensive technical performance index has reached or exceeded international advanced level which can satisfy the overall demands of information service of “go on highway upon going out” for every household in 20 years.


For the development of Next Generation Broadcasting Network, firstly, we can take full advantage of broadcasting network broadband network resources of our country not only in accordance with national conditions but also through lowering the costs to span the digital gap and construct the national high-performance broadband network with lesser price to enable that it becomes the international new generation advanced national information infrastructure as well as popularizes and informatizes more rapidly in our country, secondly, it can improve and transform traditional media and develop new media, accelerating the development of information and service industry of our country, promoting innovation in the field of information science technology, promoting core competitiveness of high and new technology of the country and driving the development of relevant industries; thirdly, it can achieve the goal of “triple-play ” at a higher technical level, and being of great strategic significance for our country to become a leading country of “triple-play ”.


Our company cooperates with Shanghai Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd to carry out NGB network transformation project in Shanghai and is engaged in NGB network transformation for cable television in districts such as Xuhui District, Putuo District, Luwan District, Huangpu District and Jing’an District.