Introduction to Wideband Data Service

The wideband marketing department-----and data department of enterprise that professionally serves the business and enterprise customer was set up in March 2008 with grant of 2 million by the substantial support of company leadership. The company recruits the senior persons in communication industry who are the elites fromtelecom operatorand investment management field. Therefore, we could keep good and deep cooperation relationship with each telecom operator to carry out the extensive cooperation in such many fields as various voice, data, DDN, ATM, Internet and set up the application lab of enterprise network to simulate the various problems in enterprise network and seek the resolution through reappearance mode as well as provide the quick and non-obstacle network technique support for enterprise network user. Our company provides the housing-type enterprise wideband service for business buildings by depending on the good relationship with the telecom operator of wideband data and the human resource advantage of our company. The users may choose the supplier of wideband data business freely (Telecom, Netcom, SHTV), our service staff may offer the perfect and thoughtful IT services on maintenance, repair and consulting firstly, including the erp software development and website construction , decorating of office and comprehensive weak current cabling. Our company always improves the service efficiency and the satisfaction of the users as well as serves the reduction of the complaint on network by users and increasing the working efficiency of users as the tenet.