Business introduction for satellite TV system

Our company carries out the construction of overseas Satellite TV programs receiving and internal transmission network system on account of starred hotels, foreign institutions, education research institutions as well as other professional users. According toManagement Regulations on Ground Receiving Facilities on TVBS issued by the State Council and Provisions of Implementation for Management Regulations on Ground Receiving Facilities on TVBS formulated by Radio and Television Department, the following institutions and places may apply for installation of satellite receiving facilities to receive the overseas satellite television programs transmitted by satellites: such high-grade and large-scale organizations required by work as education, scientific research, news, finance as well as economy and trade; three-star or over national Grade-II foreign hotels and restaurants; apartments for special accommodation for working and housing of foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan


If the construction party meets the conditions that the overseas satellite programs can be received, our company can handle the overseas satellite television receiving application on commission and propose the television receiving application towards Shanghai Audiovisual Administration Bureau and Safety Bureau as well as receive the satellite television programs as required.


The overseas satellite television project established by our company provides the comprehensive services from design, construction, installation, debugging to subscription application for users. Moreover, our company offers the transmission solution of analog television system commonly used by satellite reception users and supplies the most advanced head end of satellite television digitalized programs and network system solution at present.